Duplicity and hypocritical brands

First published in Leatherbiz, this insightful article by David Peters questions the hypocrisy that suround some materials and clearly sets out the sustainabilaity of a modern and responsible leather industry.

A 'Thunderous Footprint'? Leather Naturally Corrects Guardian Article

The Guardian newspaper recently published an article titled, The Eco Guide to Radical Materials in which it implies that leather has a 'thunderous footprint'. Leather Naturally responds.

What is Bonded Leather?

When a consumer TV piece in the USA needed advice on how to differentiate bonded leather from full grain in response to a quality issue, Steve Lange Director of the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati shared his expertise.

Leather Law in Brazil

When is leather not leather? Brazil is very clear on the facts and has enacted a law that protects its leather industry from materials that use incorrect and confusing terminology.

Leather Naturally Demands Balance

Leather Naturally has responded to the One World article "De leerindustrie kijkt niet verder dan het slachthuis(The leather industry does not look beyond the slaughterhouse) with a demand for a balanced and logical approach.

Leather Naturally comments on new Nike material

Reconstituted materials of various types have been produced and used in the footwear industry for many years and usually work well alongside leather, but it is wrong to call these products leather.

The Economist Wrong to Use Negative Terms

New materials will continue to be needed alongside leather and the industry fully accepts that life will become more competitive. We believe that all materials should be objectively evaluated and presented with full transparency but The Economist is in danger of damaging our industry by describing it in the negative terms it uses in its recent piece, 'Growing Leather in Factories.'


'Vegan Leather' Deliberately Misleading

The recent article in the Huffpost on the 17th August entitled “Why Vegan Leather Is On The Rise” might be well intentioned but the inaccuracies within it highlight some extremely poor journalism, not least because the phrase 'vegan leather is a deliberately misleading term.


Sustainable Future for Car Seats Best with Leather

It is entirely false to equate the use of plastic in automobile seating with sustainability.  If car owners want to be sustainable they would insist on leather. Well-made leather from globally responsible factories is an engineered product of the highest quality. Unlike plastic it is natural and is not from a fossil fuel.

LN Challenges 'Synthetic Leather' Study

Leather Naturally supports the use of globally-manufactured sustainable leather through a programme of education and factual information. Read more to understand why we challenge some of the misconceptions associated with the promotion of 'synthetic leather' in a letter to the Editor of Footwear News.

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