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Global Footwear Matchmaking Site

A new website that helps shoe manufacturers and component suppliers get in touch with each other from across the globe has been created in Northamptonshire.

History of tanning – Mesopotamia - by Dirick von Behr

Long before the periods of the greatest splendour of Egypt and Greece, there was a society in Mesopotamia that was far more advanced than all the others. The fertile soil between the Tigris and the Euphrates provided the basis for the Sumerian civilisation at a time when the Egyptians were still living in their own prehistoric times.

Relentless Evolution

The simplest way to describe the task set for LeatherNaturally! is to “defend and promote leather”. These are tasks that an industry should not outsource to an industry body of any sort, new or old, and say “job done". They have to be embedded in what everyone does and says both as companies and as individuals.

Pushing Back

What does one do when “defending” leather. To have a  team available to challenge every negative comment made anywhere and everywhere about leather is more than our industry is capable of mustering, especially when some of those who do want to actually attack leather have annual budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.

Observer article response

While it is admirable to hold strong views regarding the climate and the use of animals for meat and other things, to support these with a narrative built of inaccurate and incomplete data is an abuse of your columns.

Smart peta blog response

The Smart Fortwo is a clever little car that has continued to be popular since the brand was bought by Mercedes in 1998. One unexpected aspect of the Smart car and other cultish smaller vehicles is the fact that a much higher proportion of their customers have paid extra for leather interiors.

LeatherNaturally! – A call to action

LeatherNaturally! is a wonderful concept that aims to promote the beautiful material that is leather. Over the last couple of years the campaign has enjoyed excellent support through social media and the industry as a whole with much discussion around topics ranging from how to educate not only the consumer but the end suppliers such as brands, retailers and designers.

Scottish Leather Group recognised for environmental good practice

At this week’s Energy Institute Awards, the Environmental Award went to Scottish Leather Group for its low carbon leather production.

LeatherNaturally! to question so-called “facts”

LeatherNaturally! the industry wide promotional campaign announced at APLF that they were going to “go on the offensive” and challenge misinformation that is being promoted by some NGO’s and pressure groups.

Trade in textiles could double by 2020

The international trade in textiles and apparel could double from US$510 billion in 2009 to US$1 trillion in 2020. This is according to the Indian consultancy Tecnopak that is forecasting sharp growth in the BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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