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LeatherNaturally! continues to grow

Release date: 4/8/2011

Logo to be made available to stakeholders

The LeatherNaturally! movement has continued to gain momentum over the winter and the founding stakeholders and representatives have given presentations to COTANCE groups in Bologna and Paris and to leather, footwear and leather products groups in Germany, Mexico, the UK and in Brazil. 

In response to a number of requests it has been agreed that the LeatherNaturally! logo will be made available to interested stakeholders who wish to use it on their web sites and promotional material for a fee of US$500.  The use of the logo must be compatible with the objectives: 

"to educate the buying public, fashion designers and finished product manufacturers about the use, beauty, versatility and sustainability of leather."
Discussions are continuing on the management and financing of LeatherNaturally! and it is now expected these will conclude in the second quarter and the LeatherNaturally! activity will begin later this year.

Those interested to learn more, or to indicate support, can make contact via the website.
For enquiries, please contact LeatherNaturally! represents tanners and associated companies promoting leather as a high quality sustainable material.