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Leather Naturally! Who are the stakeholders?

Release date: 10/8/2010

Little more than six months after its launch at APLF 2010 in Hong Kong, the Leather Naturally! campaign is gathering pace and attracting support from influential stakeholders in the industry.

As an industry driven initiative Leather Naturally! is receiving support from a broad cross section of the supply chain. Its main goals are to significantly enhance the image of leather, highlight its elegance and beauty, its place as a natural sustainable material and educate the ‘anti use of Leather campaigners’, the public and especially today’s youth, about leather and the leather industry.

Here are some of the comments from the first stakeholders of the Leather Naturally! initiative:

Spokesman for the campaign, Professor Mike Redwood, said: “Leather is in a tougher and more competitive environment than it has ever been before. It is time for the industry to challenge its detractors”.

The President of the International Council of Tanners (ICT) and the Brazilian CICB, Wolfgang Goerlich stated: “I fully support this initiative and will move to help put it into practice”.

The Chinese Leather Industry Association (CLIA) very clearly committed their support to developing such a program during the recent ACLE event in Shanghai.

Frank Paus, vice president of sales and marketing of chemical company Lanxess noted about Leather Naturally!  “Everyone knows that something has to be done, but no clear concept or system has been developed so far. Let’s speak one language and use the same parameters. The industry is too much cost driven. Leather Naturally! should be a long term initiative.”.

Perrine Ardouin, Event Director of APLF, stated: “After 27 years serving the industry our aim is to contribute to defend and promote leather as a sustainable material for both practical and fashion usage, and defend the industry against negative publicity”.

In an interview with FashionNet Asia, the Secretary General of the European Tanners Association (COTANCE), Gustavo Quijano, observed: “I have talked to many people in the industry and with communication specialists about the conditions that a promotional campaign for a material (not a brand) has to fulfill……… If the initiative “Leather Naturally!” contributes to solve these shortcomings, it could complement the work of COTANCE and others in this area.”

David Peters, DLP Advisers USA, wrote: “Leather Naturally!” has captivated a broad spectrum of businesses and has not limited itself to the boundaries often defined by either raw, semi finished or finished leather goods. This initiative is long overdue and has the opportunity to fill a huge void in promoting an incredible raw material”.

Other industry players who participated in the meetings in Hong Kong and Shanghai are also committed to defending leather and promoting its uses and a comprehensive list will be published soon on the initiative’s website.


LeatherNaturally! represents tanners and associated companies promoting leather as a high quality sustainable material.